Adolescence & Oral Care

There is evidence that demonstrates how periodontal disease may increase during adolescence due to lack of motivation to practice oral hygiene. Studies also show that children who maintain good oral health habits up until the teen years are more likely to continue brushing and flossing than children who were not taught proper oral care when younger.

Advice For Parents

Early diagnosis is important for successful treatment of periodontal problems.  While serious forms of gum disease are very rare in young people, they can be an early sign of systemic disease.  And some teenagers are prone to developing gum recession, which often requires treatment to prevent sensitivity and bone loss.  Therefore it is important for children and teens to receive a periodontal examination as part of their routine dental visits.  We take time to carefully examine the gums and will refer your child to trusted periodontal specialists should we see a need.

An important step in the prevention of periodontal disease is to establish good oral health habits with your child early. Serve as a positive role model by practicing good oral health care habits yourself, and schedule regular dental visits for check-ups, periodontal evaluations, and cleanings. We will check your child’s mouth for signs of periodontal disease, including bleeding gums, swollen and bright red gums, gums that are receding away from the teeth, and bad breath.

If your child currently has poor oral health habits, we will work with your child to change these now. It’s much easier to modify these habits in a child than in an adult. A healthy smile, good breath, and strong teeth all contribute to a young person’s sense of self-esteem and confidence..