Dental Sealants

These have been shown to be highly effective in preventing decay on the chewing surfaces of back teeth which have deep pits and grooves.  No amount of brushing can remove all the bacteria and food debris from these types of grooves, which makes them very vulnerable to decay.  Sealants create a barrier which effectively keeps the harmful plaque out of the grooves.  They are composed of the same material used for tooth colored fillings, but are a thinner version which can flow into the grooves.  There is no numbing necessary for the placement of sealants, and the procedure is relatively simple.  They hold up well under the forces of normal chewing and can last quite a few years before needing replacement. It is of course still very important to eat healthy snacks and maintain good oral hygiene once sealant are applied!   We will let you know if we feel that your child’s teeth would benefit from the application of sealants.